How Big Data is being used to Boost HR Departments

Competing for talent and retaining top performers have long topped the priority list for HR professionals. Indeed, finding the talent to execute the corporate vision while providing valuable insights back to the business is crucial for recruiters. Descriptive analytics vs Predictive analytics Until recently, the descriptive data analytics failed to provide HR actionable insights for […]

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Talentsquare - 7 inbound recruiting hacks to attract top talent [INFOGRAPHIC]

7 Inbound Recruiting Hacks to Attract Top Talent

This article will give you key clues to be part of the most desired companies to work. Every year the Fortune magazine ranks the most attractive companies from candidates point of views. Each year Google or Salesforce are in the top five attracting the best recruits on the market. The common point of these companies? Their brand […]

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15 Benefits of Using an ATS

In the context of an indisputable talent war that keeps intensifying, the speed of attracting, identifying and hiring the best candidates has considerably boosted, pushing companies to re-think their recruitment strategies and tools. Many employers have already implemented or are thinking to implement new recruiting solutions and tools such as applicant tracking systems to help them cope with the changes, but […]

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