Les 11 règles du E-recrutement sur Instagram

By telling stories that showcase how a company operates and what makes it special, brand awareness is created. When those stories focus on things potential candidates desire in an employer, it becomes Employment Branding  –   J.T. O’Donnell En 2016, les recruteurs ont compris l’importance d’investir les réseaux sociaux pour attirer l’attention de nouveaux candidats. Les […]

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Talentsquare - The Power of HR Semantic

Talentsquare’s New HR Semantic Search Engine gives you the competitive edge in recruiting

This Monday February 15th is a great day for Talentsquare and you. It’s indeed the date we are releasing our new search engine. This new search engine will change the way you are recruiting and give you that extra edge you need to find the right candidates for your jobs. How much time are you […]

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Talentsquare_#hrubrussels_Hiring Hacking

How to Hack Hiring

Let’s clear up a few things about talent hacking! Talent hacking is based around growth hacking techniques applied to the hiring process. Growth hacking is a startup mindset, utilizing creativity and innovative technology to drive cost-effective conversions. Therefore, talent hacking has everything to do with applying these principles to spreading company culture, approaching talent and […]

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How Big Data is being used to Boost HR Departments

Competing for talent and retaining top performers have long topped the priority list for HR professionals. Indeed, finding the talent to execute the corporate vision while providing valuable insights back to the business is crucial for recruiters. Descriptive analytics vs Predictive analytics Until recently, the descriptive data analytics failed to provide HR actionable insights for […]

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#HRUbrussels – 18th February 2016 in Brussels

We are super excited and very happy to announce that Talentsquare, in partnership with Global HRU, will organise the first Belgian HR Unconference in Brussels the 18th of February 2016. #HRU provides an opportunity for HR professionals and recruiters interested in the latest HR innovations and developments to meetup. This will give them the opportunity […]

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Talentsquare - The inbound recruiting Infographic

The Inbound Recruiting [INFOGRAPHIC]

Follow this infographic. If you find it useful, why not printing and sticking it close to your desk? And, for further information on the inbound recruiting click here.

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Talentsquare - 7 inbound recruiting hacks to attract top talent [INFOGRAPHIC]

7 Inbound Recruiting Hacks to Attract Top Talent

This article will give you key clues to be part of the most desired companies to work. Every year the Fortune magazine ranks the most attractive companies from candidates point of views. Each year Google or Salesforce are in the top five attracting the best recruits on the market. The common point of these companies? Their brand […]

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It is all about the Mobile Job Seeker

How Social & Mobile Recruitment can improve you hiring quality?

Social media and mobile device have been game-changer for recruitment campaigns and recruiters themselves. Recruitment is no longer about dealing with hard CVs and Cover letters but rather about dealing with candidates’ social media profiles. As it has always been, recruitment is about learning as much as possible about a candidate before and during the […]

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Talentsquare pitched at web summit

Talentsquare Pitched at the Web Summit 2015

The Web Summit has grown into one of the largest technology conferences in the world. The 2015 event in Dublin features over 42,000 attendees from 134 countries, including 2,100 startup companies representing 17 industries. Among the 2,100 startups Talentsquare had been one of the 200 startups selected to participate to the PITCH contest. Talentsquare was […]

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4 Takeaways Web Summit 2015

4 key takeaways from the Dublin Web Summit 2015

This year again Talentsquare had the opportunity to attend the Web Summit. The event has grown into one of the largest technology conferences in the world. The 2015 edition in Dublin features over 42,000 attendees from 134 countries, including 2,100 startups representing 17 industries. Talentsquare had been one of the 200 startups selected to pitch […]

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