Talent competition, ATS and inbound recruiting.

  • October 4, 2018
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It’s no secret to recruiters and HR executives that the recruiting landscape has changed over the past couple of years. On one hand, we have seen a lot of specialized jobs popping up, compelling companies to find more and more targeted profiles. On the other hand, top talents are facing plenty of opportunities and have […]

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La 8eme plateforme de recrutement la plus intuitive enfin disponible pour tous !!

Devenez en quelques clics votre propre agence de recrutement avec TalentSquare. La mission de TalentSquare est de créer un lien direct et durable entre les entreprises et leurs futurs Talents. Pour ce faire, nous mettons à disposition de chaque enterprise (petite, moyenne ou grosse) les meilleurs outils de recrutement pour attirer, gérer et engager les […]

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Does your recruitment comply with the GDPR?

What does this mean for candidates applying for your job offers? It will be finished with the personal data of the candidates exchanged in their backs. Candidates must have a say in what happens to their data! Here are the candidates’ rights to which the recruiters will have to answer, as indicated in the GDPR. […]

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