Les 11 règles du E-recrutement sur Instagram

By telling stories that showcase how a company operates and what makes it special, brand awareness is created. When those stories focus on things potential candidates desire in an employer, it becomes Employment Branding  –   J.T. O’Donnell En 2016, les recruteurs ont compris l’importance d’investir les réseaux sociaux pour attirer l’attention de nouveaux candidats. Les […]

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HR 2.0 Communities

HR 2.0 communities and how businesses use them – Jon Ingham

At the HRmeetup micro, Jon Ingham, people and organisation development strategist (Strategic Dynamics Consultancy Services Ltd), recognised by HR Magazine as the 7th Most Influential UK thinker. He was in Belgium for a conference and accepted to come at their micro to speak about how businesses use social technologies and social approaches to develop their […]

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How good is your candidate experience?

Creating a positive candidate experience has become an essential part of attracting and retaining top talent. Furthermore, the better the experience provided to candidates during the hiring process, the more likely an organization can attract the best talent due to word of mouth. According to a MisteryApplicant Infographic only 5% of candidates rate their candidate experience […]

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How do candidates become ambassadors_

How do candidates become ambassadors?

Creating a positive and great candidate experience is a critical differentiator to attract top talent. We have identified what frustrates candidates, what they value the most and the difference between a poor and great candidate experience. We asked our candidate database what they believe as ‘special elements’ that organizations could consider providing for job seekers […]

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