Enjoy Talentsquare,

Pay as you Go.

Manage all your vacancies, broadcast to social networks and free job sites, process candidates, and much more!

Our pricing couldn’t be simpler!

  • Each Administrator and Recruiter seats are charged 85€ / month
  • Restricted users are FREE of charge
  • Talentsquare Sourcing option is charged at 15€ / paying user

Restricted users free
Talentsquare Sourcing

Do you have more than 10 users?

For large enterprises with more than 10 users, Talentsquare offers a special monthly rate. If you are interested please contact our sales team.


85 / Month / user
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  • 3 different access roles
  • Unlimited job posting
  • Free and Paid Job boards integrated
  • Mobile Friendly Branded Career Portal & Domain name
  • Talent Portal
  • Mobile Friendly Branded job landing pages
  • Customizable application forms
  • Customizable recruiting workflows
  • Talent scoring & tagging system
  • Customizable automatic candidates messaging
  • Advanced analytics
  • HR Semantic Search Engine
  • API Access
  • CV parsing*
  • Profile storage & automatic updates**
  • Customizable application forms
  • Employer mobile application (Android)

Talentsquare + Sourcing

100 / Month / user
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  • All Talentsquare Features + Sourcing Tool
  • Automated search in:– Indeed – LinkedIn – Viadeo – Xing – Github – StackOverflow – Monster

* Reasonable usage limitted at 150 CV Parsing credits per paid user per month ** Reasonable profile storage limitted at 4000 profiles per paid user, profile automatically updated when Talent update their profiles

Access the following features:

  • User Management: Add & manage as many users as you want.
  • Jobs Management: Create, manage and publish as many jobs as you want.
  • Jobs Promotion: Promote vacancies to social networks and free job boards and aggregators such as Indeed, Neuvoo, Alljobs, Meega and more.
  • Parsing CVs: You can import CV and use our technology to parse the data and add Talent to your database. This is the fastest way to upload your database and get started with Talentsquare (150 credits / paid user / month are included).
  • Candidate Management: Review, filter and process as many candidates as you want (4000 profiles / paid user included).
  • Candidate Communications: Add files, comment and email candidates through standardised templates.
  • Analytics: Get real-time analytics about the demographics, experience and sources of your candidates, as well as your overall recruitment performance (e.g. Where candidates come from? How many applicants per month? etc.).
  • Mobile Application: Download and enjoy a responsive, fast and qualitative recruiting mobile application.
  • Mobile-Friendly Careers Page: Talentsquare will generate a Company Career Site with your look & feel, mobile optimized, whereby you can advertise your jobs, your recruiting team and your social media channels.
  • API Access: Use our API to completely integrate Talentsquare into your website and provide a seamless experience to your candidates.
  • Customised Candidate Communication: Create custom email templates and send bulk email to your candidates in one go.
  • Customised Workflow: Adapt your recruitment flow to each job opening and ensure proper screening of candidates.
  • Recruiter Collaboration: Access and filter all activity of your account in Talentsquare.

Other Products | Talentsquare Store

Once you log in to your Talentsquare account, you can browse our Store and purchase different services such as:
  • Job Board Advertising: You can purchase credits and sponsor jobs on Indeed and Stackoverflow Careers and more. You will also be soon able to purchase credits and promote your jobs on Monster and many others.
  • Social Media Advertising: Make use of Talentsquare’s digital skills and purchase ads on Facebook, LinkedIn or Google AdWords. Our team will set you up for success in order to attract more candidates.
  All the above services and all of our partners’ products are on display in the Store. You can browse, add products to the card, pay per credit card or request an invoice and start benefiting from our diverse services with few clicks. Want to know more? Contact us


Feel free to ask any question that is not answered below.

Is there a setup fee?

There is no setup fee. The prices you see above are the total amount you will pay.

How does the TRIAL model work?

When you sign up, you have full access to Talentsquare. You will only pay if you want to continue using Talentsquare after your 14 days trial.

Can I add or remove users?

Absolutely. Talentsquare has been designed to adapt to your needs. You can add or remove users at any time.

Can I get a demo?

Definitely! Just ask for a demo so that we can arrange a timeslot as soon as possible.

How do you bill?

We offer annual billing. You can pay by credit card online or have the option of invoicing.

Can I cancel my account at any time?

Yes. However understand that you would need to export your data or you risk to loose key information.

What happens when I reach the CV parsing or data storage limit?

You can purchase more space and additional CV parsing credits directly from our store at a very competitive price.