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How Talentsquare makes CV Parsing accessible through Textkernel


Pieterjan Kempynck, our CEO, talks about Talentsquare and the decision to integrate Textkernel’s resume parsing technology into our recruitment platform.


A pillar of Talentsquare’s market approach is that the platform serves both the Employer and the Candidate. Once candidates apply for a job, they gain access to a portal on which they can improve their data, upload and secure key career documents, perform 360° assessments, look for jobs and apply for them with 1-click. With this hybrid platform, Employers can target candidates from the very beginning and build a talent pool with qualitative data.

Innovation in the ATS model

There are many challenges to overcome as a recruiter, and sourcing and screening is perhaps the most difficult one. Yet today most businesses still use emails and spreadsheets to manage all their hiring. Talentsquare believes this experience should be enjoyable, fun and fast, and that’s why it is key for us to go beyond the traditional ATS model, and also offer possibilities for companies to create a Careers Page, post to multiple job sites, parse resumes and integrate Talentsquare into their website easily. Talentsquare helps companies with improving their Employer Brand and ensures that candidates can easily find and apply for their vacancies. The best part is that we focus highly on providing a great user experience to everyone involved.

Choosing Textkernel’s CV parsing software

Talentsquare is a profile-based system because we want to disrupt the market and the way talents apply for jobs. Nevertheless, we need to have several alternatives for companies to source candidates and for that, we needed a CV parsing partner in order to be able to scale up faster. When companies parse thousands of CVs every year, you need to have a strong, reliable and trustworthy partner. Textkernel is the very best technology in the market, and thanks to it we rapidly grew our prospects and customers in just a couple of weeks. We are experiencing great parsing accuracy across all types of job application submissions.

Future technology plans for Talentsquare

Companies face more and more challenges in trying to win the talent war. In the future, Talentsquare is definitely going to enter in the Big Data, social and mobile industry and provide different and creative ways for companies to source faster and better. With this approach we believe that Talentsquare will be a leading technology for SMEs and fast growing businesses to source and screen better than ever before.