Recruitment revisited

Whether you’re big or small company, at some point you have to hire. We help you doing that, and more. A simple tool to manage occasional hiring or mass recruitment.

Forget CVs. We do things differently. Candidates present themselves better by applying through a detailed and personalized profile. It allows you to make better hiring decisions.

Recruiting Software Overview

ATS / Applicant Tracking System

Talentsquare is an Applicant Tracking System. It’s a simple tool to manage all of your vacancies and all of your incoming candidates in the cloud, with access for all the people in your recruitment process.

Promote jobs to social networks and job boards

Promote Your Vacancies

Talentsquare helps you spread your vacancies to your website, social networks and free job boards (e.g. Indeed, Glassdoor, etc.) in one click! Or, go further and push your vacancy over thousands of job boards in a few clicks!

Applicant Comments & Logs

Hire Together

Internal recruiters, external recruiters and hiring managers screen and select candidates together. Recruitment becomes a shared responsibility whereby everyone can follow every step and add comments and documents.
Recruiting Software Overview

Funnel Your Applicants

Review detailed profiles, appreciate reference feedback on experience and competences, filter and search the best profiles, push candidates across stages and (mass) communicate through customizable emails.
Recruitment Analytics & Data

Deepen Your Insights

Know what works and why. Understand the characteristics of your candidate pipeline, the value of your channels, the quality of your process, and the contribution of your people.

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